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How The Lucid Talisman Works

Learn more about each side of the coin and what it can do for you.

Be Lucid All Day

Easily Create Daytime Lucid Habits 

When you wear the Lucid Talisman or keep it somewhere highly visible, you create opportunities to “test your reality.” This technique is known officially as as the Critical State Test, or the “Reality Check.”

When the habit of Reality Checks is established from using the Lucid Talisman, the mind will bring up this questioning during your dreams and you will find yourself doing a reality check in a dream!

Ground Yourself When Stressed

The Lucid Talisman also serves as an effective grounding tool. When feeling anxious, spaced out, or caught in negative memory loops, reassure that you are Here Now by making contact with the Lucid Talisman in your pocket. Once grounded, you can perform a relaxation technique to stay centered.

The Perfect Dream Sign

The Lucid Talisman has proved to be very effective at injecting itself into people’s dreams. Simply by admiring the Talisman during the day, studying its imagery and textures, the coin becomes a dream sign, or a bizarre element in the dream that spontaneously emerges and causes you to think, “How weird is this?…. Am I dreaming?”

Night Presence

We designed to Lucid Talisman to have a strong presence even when the lights are off. It’s satisfyingly heavy, and your fingers can discern the engravings easily in the dark. If you suffer from nightmares or night time terrors of any kind, the Lucid Talisman can be kept on your bedside table or under your pillow, and used to as a physical reminder to ground yourself, perform relaxation techniques, or prepare for your favorite middle-of-the-night lucid dreaming practices.

What does the Imagery on the Talisman Mean? 

The imagery and text on the Lucid Talisman are inspired by ancient philosophy and art that questions the nature of reality.

In particular, the Lucid Talisman draws from the medieval study of alchemy which at its heart was the pursuit to transform base metals into gold.

Lucid Talisman Lucid Dreaming Aid Reality Check OBE

Psychologically, this practice mirrors the transformation of consciousness throughout our lives. In other words, akin to the medieval alchemists,  our process throughout life is to transmute base desires and ancient impulses into creative art, wisdom and scientific achievement.

That’s why we say the Lucid Talisman is the restoration of an ancient cognitive tool for encouraging lucidity in waking life and in your dreams.

Learn more about the story behind the art of the Lucid Talisman here.

Support Dream Research

A portion of our profits directly supports research into nightmares. We are in the process of establishing a competitive yearly grant for research into the healing potential of dreaming for sufferers of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This grant will be managed by the International Association for the Study of Dreams, a 501(c)(3) non-profit based in California that is dedicated to dream research and public education about the inherent value of dream work.

Why PTSD and dreams?  This serious condition affects trauma survivors around the world, including veterans, survivors of natural disasters and serious accidents, as well as abuse victims. In the US, over 8 million people a year are affected by the condition.

Our Team

Ryan Hurd is founder of Dream Studies Press, editor of the popular blog, and co-editor of the two volume reference book Lucid dreaming: New perspectives of consciousness in sleep. He is a Lecturer in Psychology and Holistic Studies at John F. Kennedy University, on the Advisory Board of the Rhine Research Center, and a member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams.
Lee Adams is founder of and an avid dreamer. He has worked with Ryan on a number of projects and is active in the lucid dreaming and consciousness studies community. He helped create the Lucid Talisman so that he also can be more aware during the day and night.

Customer Reviews

Some customer reviews of the Lucid Talisman.
I have used objects as reality checks before, but none of them have the level of detail as the Lucid Talisman. I had success in attaining a degree of lucidity more than once!
Bill Murphy

Host of Paranormal: Real or faked, SyFy Channel

One of my favorite reality test reminders! A beautifully crafted talisman that has ancient alchemical imagery etched into it. It’s a magical, coin-like object that I carry around with me, and every time I find it in my pocket I look at it.

David Jay Brown

Author of Dreaming Wide Awake

A very nice marvelous talisman, lovely! Thank you, I highly recommend it.
Elena Ryepkina

Classical Musician

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