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Lucid Talisman Collector’s Set


For the serious dreamer! The Collectors Set includes: 1 Lucid Talisman, 1 Lucid Amulet, 1 Lucid Keyring, and 1 Lucid Magnet. The Lucid Talisman Collectors Set saves you 15% compared to each item sold separately.

Lucid Talisman™

The Lucid Talisman is a unique metal coin that supports your journey towards greater lucidity in waking life and in your dreams. This finely crafted talisman can be combined with mental practices for increasing lucid dreams at night as well as encouraging mindfulness during the day. Comes in blue velveteen bag with instruction card and supportive in-depth instruction by email.

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Lucid Amulet™

The Lucid Pendant™ is a unique double-sided charm necklace that supports your journey towards having more lucid dreams and a more lucid life. The pendant is solid copper with a zinc and enamel finish. Comes in blue velveteen bag with instruction card and supportive in-depth instruction by email.

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Lucid Key Ring™

Lucid Key Ring™ is a unique key chain that not only keeps your keys together, it encourages lucid dreams! This double sided amulet has a beautiful bronze and enamel finish.

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Lucid Magnet™

The Lucid Magnet™ is a solution for staying lucid during the most routine times of the day. Keep it on your refrigerator, bathroom cabinet or other everyday location that you see often. The magnet is made with durable high-grade plastic and a magnetic back. Note: This product is available only as an ADD ON with purchase of the Lucid Talisman, Lucid Keyring or Lucid Lucid Pendant

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Immerse yourself in Lucid reminders with the Lucid Talisman Collectors Set.

The Lucid Talisman works in your pocket or on your desk as a paper weight

The Lucid Amulet sits perfects around your neck, encouraging lucid mirror moments as well as spontaneous conversations.

The Lucid Keyring is for staying lucid on-the-go, and doing reality checks while passing over thresholds.

The Lucid Magnet reminds you to ask if you’re awake while raiding the fridge, freshening up in the restroom, or at your desk.

Lucid Dreaming Support

Free 7 day Lucid Dreaming Training Course with purchase.


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