About Us

Lucid Talisman is the restoration of an ancient cognitive tool for encouraging lucidity in waking life and in your dreams. Trigger greater dream recall and lucid dreams — those dreams when you realize “I’m dreaming!” and can direct your awareness in the dreamscape.

Lucid dreaming has been used for centuries for increasing creativity, banishing fears, improving peak performance, and receiving mystical truths.

Amulets and talisman for dreaming are a nearly forgotten art. Our unique and original talisman are directly inspired by ancient philosophy that questions the nature of reality.

What will you dream tonight?

Our Mission

A portion of our profits directly supports research into nightmares. We have established a competitive yearly grant for research into the healing potential of dreaming for sufferers of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This grant is managed by the International Association for the Study of Dreams, a 501(c)(3) non-profit that is dedicated to dream research and public education about the inherent value of dream work.

Our Team

Ryan Hurd is founder of Dream Studies Academy and co-editor of the two volume reference book Lucid dreaming: New perspectives of consciousness in sleep as well as Sleep Paralysis, now in its 2nd edition. Discover more of his work at DreamStudies.org

Lee Adams the author of Lucid Dreaming: Methods for working with the deep dream state. He has worked with Ryan on a number of projects and is active in the lucid dreaming and consciousness studies community through podcasting and workshops. Discover more of his work at Taileaters.com