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Lucid Pendant

Lucid Pendant

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The Lucid Pendant™ is a unique double-sided charm necklace that supports your journey towards having more lucid dreams and a more lucid life. The pendant comes with instruction card and supportive in-depth instruction by email.

Greater Lucidity, Day and Night

The Lucid Pendant features the art of the Lucid Talisman Relic in a solid, double-sided pendant that has a comfortable feel and weight when worn.

The Lucid Pendant™ encourages lucid dreams by serving as the perfect “dream totem." This charm pendant can be combined with mental practices for increasing lucid dreaming at night as well as encouraging mindfulness during the day.

Activate your Lucid Pendant™ as a:

  • Reality Check tool to ask yourself if you are dreaming. Soon you will find yourself doing a reality check in a dream!
  • Mindfulness tool for when you spontaneously see the necklace in the mirror or someone asks you about it.
  • Grounding anchor during times of boredom or anxiety.
  • Dream Sign tool for injecting bizarre imagery into dreams and directly spurred on lucidity in the dream.
  • Comforting presence at night for those disturbed by frequent awakenings, sleep paralysis or nightmares. Hang it on your bedpost at night as a dream catcher.

Pendant Specifications

The Lucid Pendant is composed of a brass alloy with a zinc finish. It's nickel free.

At 20 grams (.7oz), the Lucid Pendant has a reassuring but comfortable presence while worn. Dimensions are 3.8cm (1.25 inches) in diameter and 3mm thick. The necklace is a soft and durable braided nylon rope with a spring-ring fastener. Comes with instruction card.

Lucid Dreaming Support

After purchase, get a free 7 day email course on building a successful lucid dreaming practice with the help of the Lucid Talisman line.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Justin Snodgrass

Awesome quality! Love it.


Excellent as always

Katrina M
Lovely Pendant

Easy transaction, quick shipping, beautiful pendant - I love the textural quality as well as the color variations in the metal - hoping this talisman turns up in my dreams soon ;)

Mark chambers

Good as always, thank you so much.

Julie de Burgh
Lucidity Pendant

Nice size and weight, and as it is a pendant I have it with me all the time. This means I am doing a lot more reality checks, and can just feel it there without even looking at for a check. Nice looking and very helpful item.

Discover the deeper mysteries

Talisman and amulets have been used throughout history and across cultures as magical dream objects. With clear instructions and simple exercises, this concise book with full color images shows you how to integrate the Lucid Talisman (or any liminal object) into the lifelong quest for self-knowledge.

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