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Lucid Talisman: Forgotten Lore

Lucid Talisman: Forgotten Lore

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Discover the essential practices for inducing lucid dreams with the help of the Lucid Talisman. Talisman and amulets have been used throughout history and across cultures as magical dream objects. 

With clear instructions and simple exercises, this new book shows you how to integrate the Lucid Talisman (or any liminal object) into your lucid dreaming practice. The book is perfect for people who are new to lucid dreaming or for lucid dreamers who've hit roadblocks in their dream practice.


Why this book? We have shipped thousands of talisman around the world. Many have asked for more guidance in how to really tap into the power of talisman for stoking lucid and visionary dreams. We are excited to finally have a book tailor made to help with activating the Lucid Talisman!

By incorporating the Lucid Talisman into your daily routine, lucid dreams are invited and waking life transforms into a new world of choice and possibility. This concise book anchors the most effective lucid dreaming practices in the esoteric history of dream amulets. The book also shows how the power of ritual underlies the entire quest for lucid dreaming and its role in the alchemy of consciousness.


"Ryan Hurd is an eloquent storyteller and a charming guide. You will find that his advice on lucid dreaming opens into the broader horizons of lucid living with eyes open or shut."

-- Robert Moss, bestselling author of Conscious Dreaming and the Secret History of Dreaming

"A short, but very sweet, rendering of a magical lucid dreaming induction technique, that also serves a multitude of other purposes. The first time I tried Ryan’s talisman, I did indeed have a potent lucid dream."

-- Andrew Holocek, author of Dream Yoga and Dreams of Light

"Lucid Talisman is a gift of a book. Within its pages, Ryan Hurd explores lucid dreaming as a sacred ritual.  Replete with practices for entering liminal worlds, this book is a lucid jewel. 

-- Clare Johnson, author of The Art of lucid dreaming. 

About the Author

Ryan Hurd is an educator and dream researcher who co-created the Lucid Talisman with Lee Adams. Ryan's work has been featured on NPR, CNN, Psychology Today, and many more.
He is also the author of Sleep paralysis: Hypnagogic visions and visitors of the night and co-editor with Kelly Bulkeley of the two volume reference set Lucid dreaming: New perspectives on consciousness in sleep.
Ryan is a member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams and abides by their ethical guidelines.



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David L. Kahn
A new approach to lucid dreaming meets ancient wisdom

Lucid Talisman: Forgotten Lore adds to the many useful techniques available for lucid dream induction. As a lifelong lucid dreamer, the concept of using ritual as part of the process helps to put me in the right frame of mind for success, as well as to add deeper meaning to my practice. The history and stories of talisman and amulets provides a sense of the larger meaning behind dreams and lucidity. This book is a great accompaniment to the talisman.
David L. Kahn

An Alchemical Approach to Healing Through Dreamwork

Lucid Talisman: Forgotten Lore by Ryan Hurd is an experiential guide book for those who value dreams and see the potential of Lucidity. Ryan's approach to lucid dreams is very practical and similar to mine. Though the concept of "talismans" evokes thoughts of superstition, in this case, it's more about the magical thinking that occurs within our dreaming mind — the place where magical thinking thrives. In dreams, we can harness the power of magical thinking to its fullest benefit. With this understanding, The Lucid Talisman is a liminal object that bridges the gap between waking and dreaming. Following the instructions in the book — those who have one of the beautiful talismans created by Lee Adams and Ryan Hurd — one is able to utilize this beautiful work of art and see how it manifests within dreams and increases the likelihood of lucidity with intention. The Lucid Talisman is inspired by the medieval concept of alchemy, which is about transforming base metals into gold. Alchemy is a favorite subject of mine. In Jungian terms, alchemy is about transmuting our shadow sides and embracing our full potential as human beings. It's about living a lucid life. On one side of the Talisman is inscribed the words, "Dormiens Vigila" which translates to, "sleep with vigilance". On the other side of the coin, there is the inscription "Lucide Vive" which translates as "live with lucidity". A quote from the book eloquently expresses this idea...
" Lucid living is not just the bridge that allows waking awareness into the dream world, but also brings the deeper lunar imagination back into waking life".
When we are able to joyfully embrace the cycles of our lives —the light and the shadow, the day and the night, the sun and the moon, waking and dreaming —we have the potential to heal in many ways, individually and collectively. There is so much trauma in our world. One of the missions and motivations behind the work that Ryan Hurd does is to support research into nightmares. The Lucid Talisman Project has a competitive grant to use in research of the healing potential of dreaming for suffers with post-traumatic stress disorder. Any opportunity for healing in this world is a gift, and I wholeheartedly support the work that Ryan does and what this book inspires to do.
–Paul Coca, author and illustrator of Koan Cookies:the reality of illusion

Great book. Talismans well made.

 I just read the book. I thought it was absolutely wonderful. Definitely worth purchasing. The talisman’s are sturdy. I bought a couple for my kid to play with because he was jealous and he hasn’t even been able to beat them up too bad this was about a year ago. The talisman are deeply fraught with symbolism that the book goes into deeply.

Lucide Vive

Discover the deeper mysteries

Talisman and amulets have been used throughout history and across cultures as magical dream objects. With clear instructions and simple exercises, this concise book with full color images shows you how to integrate the Lucid Talisman (or any liminal object) into the lifelong quest for self-knowledge.

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